Infant Visual Stimulation Stickers

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    • Rs. 129

    Your baby's brain will thrive with these visually stimulating high contrast patterns. Place images 8 to 12 inches away from you baby's face. A great infant learning activity for the crib or car seat.

    Product Information

    Size: 10" x 3"
    Available in Opaque (white)
      Benefits of Infant visual stimulation 
      Infant visual stimulation can improve your baby's curiosity, attention span, memory, and nervous system development.
      Babies who are stimulated as much as possible, reach developmental milestones faster, have better muscle coordination, and have a more secure self image.
      Infant Visual Stimulation is an important activity for parents to do for the baby since of the five senses; vision is the least developed sense a baby has at birth.
      Research has found that infants with many things to look at, neuronal connections in the brain will occur quicker which is important for brain development.

      100% Cotton

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