7 Celebrity Twinning Moments of Bollywood

Love is the strongest feeling and best of all the emotions in the world of acquaintances and relations. This emotion becomes stronger when you express it wholeheartedly to one who holds great importance in your life. Love is best expressed through unsaid words and one of the best ways which are coming up these days to portray your feeling to the outer world is by twinning. This upcoming trend is made available online by Bonorganik.


Our ever growing and world-renowned Bollywood industry also considers it as best option to express outer as well as inner you. Here are some celebrities spotted while twinning with their close ones.

  1. Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma

Most sizzling and famous couple of the year 2018. When entire media was busy in covering their each and every step, we noticed their twinning style. Both wore a T-shirt expressing the “State of mind”.

  1. Shaheen and Alia Bhatt

 Bhatt sisters spotted wearing “inside out” animated tee drenched in bright color making them more charming and attractive. Similar sibling tee is designed to make your bond strong with your sister. Click to walk on Alia's footstep of expressing your love to your sibling 

    3. Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan

Even Big B family is not aloof of this trend. Abhishek with his wife and daughter Aradhya was spotted wearing same twinning hoodies expressing closeness and love of their family.

  1. Lara Dutta

Girl, famous in the industry for beauty with brains, wore the white top with pink shorts and teamed the same with her daughter, Sara. Not only once but she is seen twice wearing the twinning dress with her cutie kid.

Similar Walk the Moon tees will give you same style statements like Lara Dutta and her daughter. Click to order the best attire for your wardrobe.

    5.  Farah Akhtar with his daughter

Indian film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playback singer – All in one, Farah Akhtar is seen twinning in a white tee and black bottom with his daughter Akira during Paris vacation. White tee with the mesmerizing design is available for you.

  1. Kapoor sisters

Soman along with her sister Rhea Kapoor wore gorgeous white ensembles while they were on the relaxing trip to the Maldives. Sisters are not only your partner in all the crime but also your supporting pillar at every step. This wedding season, party hard with your sisters and friends. Enjoy your bachelorette party with Bonorganik tees. 

     7.  Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover, Indian model and actor married to Bipasha Basu was often spotted in the twinning dress. No matter what is the occasion, they have twinning pictures. Pictures in night suits as well as during vacations show their love towards an upcoming trend of the industry.

When our Bollywood industry is so fond of twinning with their friends, family siblings, and spouse, why don’t you also take a step forward and purchase twinning tees from Bonorganik website and enter the fashion league.  We welcome your fashion and styling comments in the section below.

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