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 Every brand tells a story and we at Bonorganik intent to make a book.  The book of love, affection, and togetherness. We like to make a story for ourselves, for our customers!

Today, Bonorganik would like to give sneak peak of its unplugged world to you. We want you to see what we as a brand do behind the scenes, to get what you see at the front end. As the very famous phrase goes “Every happy ending has a great start” - we decided to come up with this blog to tell you how it fits to BonOrganik.



You might have seen, liked and purchased our products, which makes us immensely proud and happy, but we would want you to get a quick look of something flaky, something funny and something which leads to the making of what you loved and appreciated. Today we would like to bring - the faces behind, in front of you!



When we talk about the recent amalgamation of our efforts which was the Raksha Bandhan shoot, wherein we treasured, precious shoot moments with siblings of all ages. The experience was colorful, mesmerizing and entirely diverse.

As we know mindfulness is always messy with kids, this time was no different and this was realized by our team on the shoot within the first few hours. We danced, we laughed and had a ball– all on the count of three … One two three HAHAHA and the kids followed.



Our photographer was simply awesome in reaping the benefits of such moments! He was fast enough to capture the right moment at the right time without missing on the real joy of watching siblings. He was spontaneous, curious and quick to not lose a single moment of wonder with the children.



Our adult models were no less than the amazing kids and brought out the kid in them during the shoot, giving us perfect captures. Sometimes we find goofy models and have super fun with them, though other-times our photographer’s serious face in the quest for the perfect image, blends with the models’ smiley looks and there his search for poses finds its path.



The photo shoots are big-time fun for the entire team; however, lots of effort is involved in planning the day of the shoot. From finalizing the models to arranging the funky props, setting a theme and mood for the shoot– our team works like a pro. 

A photo-shoot is an event which creates synergies in our team and brings the whole team together. That is the reason why it is one of the best parts of our job at BonOrganik.



The story doesn’t end here and the real work starts now! One of the biggest challenges is to find the best pictures from a deck, and putting them together with our designs to deliver all that you see, like and ends up in purchasing.

We feel a sense of pride when we see you wearing our products which gives us satisfaction and that feeling makes all the effort worth investing because we believe in “Keep twinning, spread love!”


Comment below if you would like to know more about our shoot days. 






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