Cheers to Daddy's Love

 Daddy’s daughter and mama’s boy!

You all must have heard this quote and felt this emotion around. There is a fight between bro & Sis. Sis flies to dad with a complaint and champ is chosen without even a second's pause. Daughter demands! And it is satisfied exceptionally next minute. Fathers dependably have a delicate heart towards their tiny princesses. But what about sons? Why is a dad so biased toward a son?

Folks! The truth is that a dad is not biased to a son but he is building a shaft for him to swim the deep profound river of life and in the goodness of making him strong, the world portrays all dads as feminist, which is absolutely deceptive.

It is his son with whom he discusses the hardship of life & softness of living to the fullest. When his son is a child, they play cricket together and he explains game rules, later on, cricket rules explanation changes to life rule lessons. From property suggestion over evening coffee to teaching him which life battle to choose and which one he should let go – Dad & Son is the strongest relation. To give a toast to this dad & son relation we have launched a new twinning category



He taught you to be bigger… Ops! BETTER person. Let's pay tribute to him with these matching tees.

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