Ek Rakhi Essi Bhi



 Its latter half of the year and festive season is on in India. Shopping, meetings & greetings, fun and lavish fooding. All Is on!

We have a great festival amid this season, though we never think about the way that, at some place in some corner of this world, few eyes are crying. They don't have their friends and family to ceremonialize these days. We can't bring back their loved ones, however, can take out a spot of time and make some adrenaline race into their heart. We can make their heart throb against their ribs.

BonOrganik recognized this and on rakhi vowed to give some warmth to children of an orphanage in bangalore. We decided to celebrate rakhi by making them tie pious thread knots to each other and exchanging sibling tees among them

Trust us,  the expression of adoration they gave within a brief timeframe influences us to feel great and warmness they share is unspeakable. They requested us to spend some quality time together by making some handmade greeting cards. That was the minute we understood that their capacity if upheld, another Einstein or M.F. Hussain might be in the making.

Sometimes meeting these people, escaping our day to day routine, teaches us what no class or education can. They teach “togetherness” and lays perfect example of – "so unique to each other, yet so same"

Express love not only to your everyday associations but also to the people with whom you are bound by the fraternity. Achieve something of this sort. We need some diversion from the distraction of humanity and something to make our life worth living by, defining a different definition of attraction.  We need to revamp humanity within us with some clarity.

On this festive mode – let's raise to rise and spread love around with a goal of - "If I can't feed hundreds, at least nourish one".







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  • Diksha Gupta
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