Baby's Day Out

 Hello guys!

Keeping in accordance with the ritual of showing how we bring what you see on our website through our blog, this time we have something spongy in-stored for you. We are certain that you will be fairly confounded and eager to comprehend what spongy thing we are talking about. So, for all you parents out there, we are talking about ‘MY BABY ‘. These little sponges take the world as their playground and all the things in it as their personal belongings.  How marvelous the world is, if seen through the eyes of a baby. Isn’t it?




Every time, it is an altogether new experience to shoot with such eager little models. Just have a look at our other experiences. Each baby is more unique than the other and our photographer frantically holds up to capture their distinctively unique personalities in clicks of BonOrganik’s memories.




We have been hearing this from our friends and relatives that becoming a mother is the best feeling and raising them is the most tedious job. All BonOrganik shoot members get the taste of it amid the shoot and become their temporary moms & dads. Our stylist brings chocolates for them and her partner brings toys. Kiddy bribes are the main thing we guarantee before the shoot.




No bribes work when they need their mom. How cutely their eyes wandered trying to trace that familiar voice or face that gave them a sense of comfort in this new atmosphere. Their mom is the only one who can understand their peculiar way of communication.

We hear their shrilling cry but their moms tune in to the voice of their children behind that crying sound which says – “Hey Mumma, where are you? I am missing you. Come quick and embrace me in your arms. I want yours and only yours warmth.”

Share your experience, when apart from you, no one understood your baby’s unsaid words. The experience which made you filled with immense motherly emotion.

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  • Diksha Gupta
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