Relation to cherish upon - BEING INDIAN

 Each day, every moment!  We think about the people & things we are emotionally attached to yet shouldn't something be said about the most crucial thing which unites us? Shouldn't some love be expressed to the relation with our nation?

We miss our kin, companions and relatives, however, we have a tendency to neglect, to support our most beautiful relationship. Association with our nation! Association with the individuals with whom we don't share natural fraternity yet unquestionably share our way of life and childhood in that culture.

This Independence day we want to take you back to a period when on each 15th Aug and 26th January, standing in the well-managed row and owing respect to a bit of material inked in saffron and green with a blue chakra and this bit of fabric swells our chest in pride when it is hoist in the air like a free bird.



 We at BonOrganik nurture all relations and cherish the love that oozes from these affinities however this Independence day we endeavored to give a little tribute to our unsung legends, who helped us to breed our connections by sitting in a combat area and guarding us in extraordinary circumstances. We requested few kids to sing an energetic tune for our fighters to expedite a smile on their faces. These naughty creatures brought the best out of them.


Country of festivals, drenched in the magnificence of vibrant colors, blended with natural greenery - is the splendor that India is made up of.

Taj Mahal of Agra, Non-violence of Gandhi – are some of the things, that India presents to the world.

Unity in diversity, togetherness in versatility – are the things that India instills in all Indians.

So how about we take the heritage ahead by making a better India. Let's spread joy and keep loving! We want you to tell us a couple of things which you are pleased with, being an Indian, in the comment section below.





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  • Diksha Gupta
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