New Sibling, New behaviour

 Days passed by and blessing was bestowed on me again. Now it is my second child! Bedtime rituals with Neev were dragging out and were colliding with the newborn- Agastya’s fussy period, tragically. Just like most siblings, Neev also felt very conflicted with a new baby. A part of her wants to be with Agastya. Want him to be like her. Though, other part says ‘He has taken my space.”

 I try to make it up in the morning and evening time by reading to her which is not only ensuring some quality time together but also helping her accept Agastya. A great book can make an emotion, a problem, or situation that is abstract to your child, concrete, real, and most importantly, solvable.

“I am a big sister”, “My New Baby”, “Your hands are not for Hitting” are some of our new reads that are helping her to understand the dilemma. They are the books I love to read aloud to her. The books Neev know by heart. They have been pulled out and flipped through again and again and again until they are literally ripping at the seams. Though what shocks me is the magic these funny books are doing in my home.

What are your favorite books that you read to your child?


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  • Diksha Gupta
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