Bachpan ki dosti V/s Jawani ki yaari

 Friendship, the only relation that is not given to us by default, its the only one relation chosen by us. Friends make life worthy, even when there's nothing much happening to cheer you up. Friends help you forget your EXs and sets you up again, friends help you frame texts to your crushes but also make you forget that you have a phone at times, friends help you overcome failures even if they touch the tip of success, friends help you with the answers to the questions you can’t even frame, friends help you live in the moments you don't even want to exist.

As we all know Friendships Day is just a month away and friendship fever is starting soon. We would like to take you on a trip down memory lane and help you remember a few childhood moments which have taken a different course over the years in your life. Read below and reminiscence your moments of friendship fun:

   1. Your “Rules in friendship” changes:

When you are a kid, gully cricket is the game in which you spend most of your time. When you are the one who brings the bat to play the game, you follow one simple rule i.e. “My Bat, So I bat first” though this rule takes a 360 degrees turn when you become young and spend your time partying! The new rule - “My party, you drink first! (Bottoms up)”




    2. Your “Sports hangout ” changes:  

Do you remember how you use to run to a playground in excitement with your friends when you were kids? Gone are those days! Now it is all about sports bars rather than sports grounds. When you were a kid, you enjoyed playing football, but now you just watch football with your friends. Your sports hangout changes!




    3. Your “Favorite TV friendship characters” changes:

Everybody has a best friend for life whom you can call your soulmate. You always tend to compare this forever bond that you have with your buddy with your favorite TV character friendships’.

When you were kids you would say “We are friends like Phineas and Ferb” and when you become adults, it changes to “We are friends like Joey and Chandler”. Your favorite friends' characters change over time.




    4. Your “Indoor games screen” changes:

When it comes to indoor gaming time, video games will always remain on top of your list. When you were young, Mario or maybe Pacman, on a 32” inch Tv, was your most obvious game choices. This liking has changed to a clash of clans or candy crush now, and your  6” inch touch screen mobile is your world.




    5. Your “Movie time snacks with friends” changes:

Watching a movie with friends makes the movie more enjoyable and accompanying snacks are the icing on the cake. Your choice of movie time snacks changes with age. When you were a kid, all sorts of chips along with juice was what you desired for. This changes to a chilled beer pint with nuts, when you become an adult




Our friends tend to bring out our crazy side. We do things with friends that we never thought we could and have the best of the times. With time everything changes but our friends remain our constants. Please share with us, how activities you did with your friends have changed over time. It can be something as simple as eating your Tiffen on the last bench in school, to bunking classes with friends in college.

Tell us in the comment section below as we would love to hear your stories!

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  • Diksha Gupta
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