The Real Heroes in the Shadows!

“Superheroes do exist in the real world”. They hide in plain sight every day, help you while remaining in the shadows. They shoulder the weight of your world and their world, endure the pain and still manage to smile.

Who am I talking about?

Your Dad, My Dad and every Dad out there.

They may not always show it, but their love for their kids runs deep. They are always there when you need them, like your shadow, hidden in plain sight. When you were kids, they stuck by you, lifted you up when you fell. When you were teenagers, they guided you through what is right and what is wrong and when you're an adult, they look at you, with a smile on their face and pride in their hearts.


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They dedicate part of their life for you, to make it better, to bring you what they could not have. They not only live for themselves, they live for us.

“Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you give away to save another struggling soul like you”

-says Shannon L Adler.


Every word of that quote resonates with what a father is. We call Mahatma Gandhi ‘the father of our nation” because he did what every ‘dad’ does for his kid.

Let us not forget what they do and have done for us. Let us give back what we have gotten. How do you ask?

To celebrate the uniqueness of each and every father out there, Father’s Day (17 June) came into existence. Though not many know about it and it is not as popular as Mother's Day, it does stand for what it does. To show our love collectively and raise our glasses in tribute to the only person who would go to hell itself to make you happy, our fathers.


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This 2018, Father’s Day gifts can become a part of the ongoing tradition. Father’s Day Unique Gifts could be employed, it’s just a matter of creativity. So, on 17 June, let's take the time out to wish our dads, treat them with something special. It could be a handmade gift, self-cooked food or a Father- son T-shirt / Father- daughter T-shirt from BonOrganik!

Happy Father’s day everyone!

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  • Diksha Gupta
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