True Love is Not a Myth!

Joy. The joy of unreasonable magnitude when that tiny hand closes around his finger. The paramount happiness he feels when he looks at her same face and he knows he will never love anyone as much as he is going to love this little of bundle of bliss. That is bond that a father and a daughter will always share.


Daughters are the most important women in a Dad’s life. He will not love his wife as much as he loves his daughter. They are to him, the rarest and precious entity in their lives. They will go to any end to make their daughters happy. They will be their daughter’s best friends, their partner in crime and as always, their guardian angel.

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A father plays a vital role in every daughter’s life. An outstanding positive relationship between a father and daughter can influence how a daughter’s perception of the world will be when she is all grown up. It will alter the dynamics of how his daughter will live in her own world. For example, the newest member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle is a true testimony to the above statements. Her race is unique. She has a Caucasian father and African American Mother. When she failed to be able to identify her race due to the lack of options in an application form, her father asked her to make a new box to identify herself. This was one of the building blocks to the person she is now, A role model to all the women out there.


A father is said to be the first true love of his daughter. He is the first man she gets close to when growing up and loves her unconditionally. He is always there for her and laughs and awes at every small act that she does. When she grows into her teens, she looks to him for protection and she gives her that. He will not let even a single fly harm his little princess and when she graduates, he sheds a tear at the rate his little princess is blossoming. Finally, the day she has to get married becomes the happiest as well as the saddest day in his life. He is happy because his daughter found love and sad because he has to give her away.


On the other hand, a daughter can love her dad unconditionally, no matter what the reason. She’s the first to forgive and the first to comfort. She makes sure her father is alright and is the only person who is capable of cheering him up.

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This 17 June, make your father feel special. Show him how special he is and how he truly is your one true love. Father’s Day gifts are a great idea to show him how much you care. Unique Father’s Day gifts like Father-Daughter T-Shirts are great ideas that one can follow up. Where to get them? BonOrganik can help you find what you need. Celebrate this Father’s Day with your first love and along with BonOrganik with these wide collections of tees.

Happy Father’s Day!

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