My daughter, Her accomplishments

 Taking pride in our accomplishments and in those of our children, contribute towards our betterment.


I always join Neev in the celebration whenever I see her chest swollen with pride for the accomplishments. It doesn’t matter whether the accomplishment seems significant to me — what counts is that she does. I am proud that she has achieved the goals set by her. There are times when she is unsure of whether a goal has been accomplished or not which usually happens in Artworks. I feel that is where my role as her mother comes! I listen to her eagerly when she begins to talk about her artwork and once she is done, I simply say - “You are really learning to express yourself with your art. I love it.”


Undoubtedly, Neev has many “failures” before she masters anything. I consider it as the most important time to tell her that “mommy is proud of her”. A few months back, we started taking pictures to capture each & every accomplishment and achievement. I store those ”special achievement” memories in my heart as well as on my phone in the separate folder and have named it as “Neev Did It”. Whenever she feels low, we have some Mom and daughter time and I pull out that folder to tell the story of each accomplishment and remind her - how proud I am of her and of all the things she has done.

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  • Diksha Gupta
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